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Grow with the characters on a next level of immersion by collecting cards and figurines evolving in realtime to the production of the book.

Inverted Smrik

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Keep in mint condition.

All of our digital comics have proven authenticity, ownership and scarcity.

burn token
Burn Digital Token.

Open your comics by burning your NFT to unleash the story within.

comic book

Read your comics online in my collection

High Quality

Extremely high quality artwork hand drawn by professional artists


Our comics are truly unique making them very collectable and rare.

The Future of Comics

Use NFTs to collect and resell comics in the digital world, with a seemless online experience. Or feel the real thing by ordering a physical copy. The choice is yours.

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to most common questions.

What is an NFT?

Non Fungible Token, which means every product bought is unique to you.

How do I get Digital NFT?

Buy a comic or piece of artwork from our online store.

How do I get a Physical NFT?

Order your physical copy once you have bought a digital NFT.

How long will a physical NFT take to arrive?

Depending on which country you live in this can be from three days to a week.

Do NFTs loose value once burned?

No NFT's do not lose their value once burnt, however the supply of the NFT will go down.

How can I contact you?

Join Our Discord to keep ahead on updates and become apart of our community.

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